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Heyo! Welcome to another EXO screenshot game!! I hope you enjoy this game! Tag me in your results when you're finished. I'm curious of your results. There is no gif credit to the owner because I made these gifs. @aliendestina @ElleHolley @nnatalieg
Best Friend
Older brother
One who likes you
Ex Boyfriend
One who stole your heart
First kiss
One who drugs you (you don't need to do this one it's an option)
One who gets you pregnant (you don't need to do this one it's an option)
One who leaves you
One you marry after high school
minus the brother part of course
I better get Sehun every time lol
I'm not making a results card but it actually kind of turned out like a story that made sense (with a surprisingly high ratio of Exo-M to Exo-K). Best friend: Kris Older brother: Baekhyun Crush: Tao (nope just nope 😂) One who likes you: Xiumin Ex: Chen One who stole your heart: Chen First kiss: Chanyeol One who drugs you: skipped this One who gets you pregnant: Luhan One who leaves you: Luhan One you marry after high school: Xiumin
@ElleHolley good luck