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Here we are with another card for the {FTG} Who is my favorite non-Fairy Tail character! There were so many choices I could've chosen from! Leaving out the ones that have already been chosen, I've finally narrowed it down to 1! Who is that you ask!? Well none other than.....
The beautiful neko girl, Millianna!! She is one of Erzas childhood friends who was enslaved at the tower of heaven. Only to grow up there under the rule Jellal, working as one of his minions because that was all she knew. She later resurfaced in the Grand Magic Games as a member of the all-woman guild Memaid Heel.
She doesn't only look like a cat, she basically has all the attributes and abilities of a cat! And who here doesn't love them a neko girl!! Her magic is classified as binding magic, but with her cat like reflexes combed with her magic she could be a force to be reckoned with. Not one of the strongest in the show but damn well one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in all the show!
I definitely would not mind letting her bind me up with her magic and let her have her way with me!! ;) lol and just look how amazingly cute she is when she's sad! Come come darling, I'll hold you! My god is she beautiful!!!! Here are two honorable mentions that I just couldn't leave out!
The beautiful ice make magic master Ur! She's the teacher of both Gray and Lyon as well as the mother of Ultear! She gave her life to defeat the Demon of Zeref, Deliora, by using Iced Shell.
Another is one of the great Ten Wizard Saints and a member of the guild Lamina Scale, Jura Neekis! This is one bad man right here!! He had some epic fights with Brain, Jellal, and Laxus!
Well there's my card! Get to making one as well if you haven't already!!! @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @Thatperson512 @AimeBolanos @SAMURXAI @otakudemon @InVinsybll @jessicaferrier
Damn it I want to redo mine cause I completely forgot about Millianna 😠. Eh nvm the laziness has kicked in 😂, but great choice I wish I would've thought of her
Lol agreed
@tylor619cruz early bird get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! lol How could you forget about her!? Definitely one of the hottest neko girls I've ever seen!!
Yessir. I'd probably go with Millianna for Waifu, because she's just so damn sweet. Ur is a hard ass and wouldn't be sensitive to my needs lol
@SAMURXAI it was hard to pick out of Millianna and Ur! Oh my how Millianna grew up since her time at tower of heaven! ♡♡♡ And Ur, well she is just plane and simple badass! lol
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