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Some people love handbags, others jewelry. Some people are obsessed with dresses and others with accessories.
My obsession is shoes. If you want more information you can check the cards here, here and here for references.
It hasn't always been this way. I used to collect jackets, trying to emulate the styles of my favorite rock stars. Now, since my size has been changing, hopefully trending downward, I have been looking for something more consistent.
For the most part your shoe size doesn't change. Yes, your feet swell up at night and are a bit smaller in the morning, but for better or worse, you'll always know what your size is.
Here are my favorite designer brands, and for better or worse they're expensive, luxurious and utterly chic.

1. Manolo Blahnik

Behold, blue satin Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. These are probably one of the most iconic pairs of shoes on the planet, considering they were Carrie Bradshaw's wedding shoes. No designer got a bigger bump from Sex and the City than Mr. Blahnik who continues to be a classic, classy choice for all kinds of women today. I am the proud owner of three pairs, of course the Hangisi isn't one of them, but I do own a pair of Carolyne slingbacks!

2. Christian Louboutin

This pair of shoes is called the Pigalle. It is the quintessential style for professional, stylish women of today. It's a dream of mine to own a pair. I tell my friends that I'll know I've made it when these shoes are on my feet. Legend has it that Christian Louboutin made the bottoms of his shoes red as a tribute to prostitutes in France who'd have to traipse through the meat packing districts of France to meet their johns. Blood stained the bottom of the shoes, giving them this signature look.

3. Sam Edelman

Many call Edelman the "it" flat. Besides Tori Burch this designer is definitely most known for its comfortable and stylish designs. You won't catch a young Hollywood starlet without a pair of these. At a more modest price point than the first two designers it's not uncommon to catch a pair on sale. Don't get me wrong, the pumps are amazing too!

4. SJP Collection

I included this brand because well, I have a soft spot for Sarah Jessica Parker. I partly blame her for my shoe obsession, because like many others before me I was introduced to the beauty of a well made shoe from Sex and the City. Her shoes are gorgeous, and the line is expanding to flats and lower height heels this Fall. The signature bit on this shoe is a grosgrain running up the back seam of the shoe. It's sort of like Louboutin's red bottom, except you can see it really well. Gorgeous designs for all occasions. My favorite style, of course is the "Carrie".

5. Guiseppe Zanotti

This is the modern designer you have to know about. He's on every red carpet imaginable and the current and edgy designs have everyone talking, fashion conscious or not. His innovative designs have been seen on Rihanna, Kanye West and more. Look out, because his white pumps and guilded designs like the one above are the most desired look out there.
I've seen a couple of ladies on the street wearing the same Christian Louboutin you shared. My initial thought is the style is classy but it always reminds me of elevator shoes lol. I'm not sure how to to explain that. Anyways, I love the SJP heels pictured. It's ultra feminine and the color is sophisticated.
@cindystran Hahhaa I see! They are sky high. I was thinking about making a card about the sip shoes they're really beautiful and professional too, great for business and after!