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Face Me (Part 4)
Missed the Beginning?
Yoongi’s Perspective
He was glad that the night was over and he was back at the dorms.
He just felt empty. The person that he thought was the one actually liked his friend. But he had felt that they were meant for each other. What had gone wrong?
“Hello... Thank you.”
He was talking to fans at the fan meet and everything was going well until his contacts failed him. The contact was barely in his eyes, and his vision wasn’t clear in his good eye. When he went to pick up something that dropped, his contact popped out. It didn’t help that the floor was carpet and a dark blue color and his contacts were clear. He stood back up but his vision was blurry. He tried closing one eye to see but he barely could. He had to suck it up. Then he noticed someone. She was searching on the ground for something. Fans were yelling at her, and stepping on her fingers.
Had she lost a little trinket?
She looked up smiling. But I couldn’t make out what it was. Her finger was a bit red from the shoe prints of people, and someone near her helped her up. It seemed like it was her friend.She brushed the hair away from her face and checked her hands to see she was ok. She then bonked her on her head and pulled her up towards the line.
There was something odd that the girl was doing. She wasn’t using her hands to shake them with any members. Had she injured them? By the time those two girls had come up to me, the girl that was on the ground had a bright smile on her face.
“Hi. I’m you’re biggest fan, you’re my bias. I love you so much.” Her face was flushed from speaking so fast, and her friend wasn’t helping because she was laughing at her.
“Ah. I found your contact. It fell out of your eyes right? You looked as if you couldn’t see.”
She had noticed out of all the people in the room. Not even the members had noticed.
“Thank you,” I smiled, and took my contact from her fingers.
Before she had walked away I grabbed her hand.
“Wait really quickly.” I fetched around in my bag for some band-aids and found them. I took her fingers and placed a band-aid on each one.
She was turning a darker shade with each one I placed.
He was going back. He wanted her to know how he felt about her.
As he walked into the living room all the members were there except Jimin.
“Hey, Jin. Where is Jimin.”
“He’s out with a friend at that cafe by the street.”
He dashed towards the door. “I’m leaving to get another pillow. I seem to have lost mine.”
“Ok. Don’t be out too late Yoongi.”
“I won’t mom. Bye.”
Yoongi was running. He needed to know who Jimin was with. A few minutes later he had made it near the cafe. Jimin was there with a girl. Her hair was tied up in a bun, and Jimin was holding her hands. She was laughing. She was you.
“Yah. Jimin. Stop it.”
“I’m sorry (Y/N) I don’t know how else I’m supposed to practice.”
“What about with a mirror?”
“(Y/N)! Help me out. You asked me what I would like so you could pay me back and here it is. Please just help me out.”
“Fine. Fine.” You couldn’t help but giggle again. Here was Jimin, the man that could make all the woman swoon by looking at them and here he was worried about asking a girl out. He was adorable.
“Order 45”
“I’ll get it. I'm supposed to right? Or is it the girl? Or is it us both?”
“Jimin. Calm down. We’ll both get it. Give me your hand.”
You held his hand all the way and each of you took one tray and walked back to your table.
“See that wasn’t bad, was it?”
“Right. I need to go to the restroom. I’ll be back.” He suddenly paused. He came close and kissed your cheek. “I won’t be long. Don’t start without me ok?”
“Yeah Yeah. If I can. Now go, please. Your face is turning shades of blue.”
He turned and sped walked to the restroom.
The place where he had kissed you was burning just a little bit.
“Oh not again. Out of all places why here?”
“Huh,” you slowly turned to face the sound of the voice that you would recognize anywhere.
Yoongi was covering one of his eyes and scanning the ground.
Did his contact fall out of his eyes again? Out of habit, you got up from your seat and started to feel around on the tiled ground. It would turn up soon.
You were inching slowly on the ground and hadn’t noticed you had gone under the table. And you hadn’t noticed that Yoongi was under the same table watching. Waiting for you to notice him.
“Ow,” you rubbed your head and noticed Yoongi looking at you. You inched closer and saw that both of his contacts were in.
Why would he- Your thoughts were cut off by a gentle kiss.
“Be Mine,” he whispered pressing his lips against yours.
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