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I totally forgot to post my answer for today's card so I'll be doing so a little late (x
My choice is Kagura Mikazuchi! Not only is she my favorite not-Fairy Tail member she's tied for my favorite of all time with Erza Scarlet!
Kagura caught my attention since she first entered the screen with her purple/black hair, fierce eyes and bunny-like ribbon on her head.
In my opinion Kagura has some real potential to be one of the strongest characters in the show. With her gravity magic she could train her body to be stronger and faster than any opponent (DBZ style).
Kagura is a character who deserves much more time in the spotlight and I hope to see more of in the future! (For those manga readers we should be getting just that!)
Thanks for reading my card remember to check out the contest here: And here's the link to today's card: And please participate of you haven't already! Have a great day everyone! Ja ne
She was definitely in my considerations for my card! She kinda reminds me of Satsuki Kiriyuin from Kill La Kill!
Shes awesome! Strong, beautiful and smart! Love her back story too! I won't talk about it for the sake of @SAMURXAI I think I've done enough spoiling for one night lol
@SAMURXAI Im glad you're enjoying it!
this is to much fun not to get involved lol
@Thatperson512 just characters, nothing to story or plot ruiny
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