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There are some really amazing characters that aren't apart of our beloved Fairy Tail Guild, some are good guys, some are bad guys, some are good gone bad, bad gone good, and all in between. One of my favorite things about Fairy Tail is how many characters they introduce, both as main and supporting. Even minor characters have a huge impact on the story and are fully realized rounded story people. I'm challenging myself to only select one for our prompts as that seems to be the way they are worded and it makes you think a bit harder. I'm selecting, after much deliberation, Hibiki Lates, Hundred Nights Hibiki, member of the team Trimens, and the Blue Pegasus Guild. He's a good guy with some odd personality traits. He is originally a womanizer, shown to hit on and flirt with any girl he meets, without shame or reservation. However, when it gets down to it, he's actually very perceptive, intellegent, reserved and good hearted. Master Bob(who I also like a lot and enjoyed his oddities) trusts Hibiki as his right hand man, knowing that he can keep the other Trimens in line and do good work. Hibiki employs Archive Magic which is very unique and interesting. He can use telepathy, instant data transfer, making learning new spells a breeze, he can turn any data into magic and transfer and recall it through a magical computer display he creates. He can use it defensively and as supportive to more offensive mages. He was incredible when fighting with the other guilds in The Nirvana arc. He fought of corruption with his own willpower, was saved by his appreciation for the love Lucy and her spirits share for each other, and was even able to make Lucy more powerful with his data transfer abilities. He's a bit of a creep lol, but he's honest about it and deep down it masks a truly genuine guy, who I think might be afraid of being alone and rejected. He's handsome as hell too, a lot of girls want to join Blue Pegasus just for him lol.
Honorable Mentions! Gotta highlight some love for others because come on with all these great people how can we not! Sho, Erza's childhood friend and like a little brother. He is sensitive, and kind, did bad things but under false pretenses and he has cool card magic. Such a sad story. Millianna, another slave along with Sho at the Tower of Heaven. She's a sweetheart, loves kitties, and her binding magic is not to be trifled with. She's gorgeous to boot. Simon, another one of the Tower of Heaven slaves and Erza's friend, he actually was in love with her, and never believed Jellal's lies about her. He was logical, reasonable, and had amazing mix of darkness and telepathy magic. *cries* this guy.. Grandpa Rob, another slave at Tower of Heaven, he actually taught Erza about magic, Fairy Tail, and saved her life. He was incredible, and his line "your beautiful smile was the only thing that got me through this wretched place" to Erza. ugh, feels *cries more* This guy....! Jura Neekis, leader of Lamia Scale and one of the Ten Wizard Saints. A very powerful earth mage, and all around moral good guy. He's all for justice, doing the right thing, helping people and just a powerhouse. Awesome dude and Lyon Vastia, Ice make mage who specializes in living creations, Gray's rival and fellow student of Ur. He was a douche, and can be a douche still, but I see greatness and goodness in him despite his arrogance and obsession with being better than everyone. Not a fan of him loving Juvia, especially when Sharry loves him so much. Douch. but I have faith in him.
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@Thatperson512 can I buy ur hat
@SAMURXAI Welcome to the internet. Unless you're into that kinda thing.. avoid the yaoi. It will screw with your perception. But if you really want to get messed up... Wendy and Mest is actually a really popular ship. Even though he was already like 12 years older then her, plus he 7 year time skip... But the ship goes on... HOW! Who thougtt this was a good idea!?
@Thatperson512 I'd like an episode at least where Natsu talk to Lissana and Lucy or Erza or whoever gets jealous. It would be an interesting dynamic even if Natsu doesn't love her.
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