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You were so nervous. You had been on plenty of dates before this one, but today was different. You looked in the mirror again and your roommate sighed.
“You look fine. Besides, sometimes you look so ridiculous, but he doesn’t mind at all. Why is today any different?"
"It’s our 100th day. I don’t want to look like I usually do.” The doorbell rings and it sends you into a panic induced frenzy. “Oh my God, he’s here! What do I do?"
"Hm, I don’t know. Answer the door?” You glare at your roommate. “Love you too.” You both head to the door and you’re greeted by Jonghyun with a bouquet of flowers. “For me?” Your friend squeals sarcastically.
“Actually, yes.” Jonghyun hands her a box of chocolate. “I have to look out for the lonely people.”
“That’s a bit of a backhanded compliment,” she scoffs, tearing into the box of chocolates without hesitation.
“Well you’d know all about that,” you mutter bitterly. Jonghyun hears you and shoots you an amused expression.
“Ready to go?"
"I just need to grab my phone.” You run back into your room and return quickly. Truth be told, you just went to check your appearance one more time. “I’ll see you later. Please don’t burn the house down."
"No promises. Have fun kids~” Your friend closes the door behind you and you’re left alone with Jonghyun.
“Did you have an ideas about where to go?” He asks, holding your hand as you walked to his car.
“Not at all… I’m just glad to be spending time with you,” you hid your blushing face.
“Me too. Let’s make lots of memories today."
"Yeah.” He pulls out a camera and takes a picture of you without notice. “Hey! I probably look terrible!” The photo comes out of the camera and Jonghyun waves it around so that the image will appear quicker.
“It’s not half bad! You could totally be a celebrity being chased by paparazzi in this picture."
"Please let me see it!"
"Nope!” He puts it in his wallet and snickers at your pouting face. “It’s just for me.” He opens the passenger side door and you grumpily get into the car. “I have a few things planned today, so you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride."
"I hate surprises."
"That makes this even better."
You were bewildered by Jonghyun’s plans. You had thought it’d be something cute and romantic, boy were you wrong. First, he took you to a casual restaurant that you both went to frequently. Then, he took you to the gym to work out. You practically spent the whole day there with Jonghyun taking embarrassing pictures of you. You finished your shower and sighed, staring at yourself in the mirror.
"I got dressed up for nothing.” Jonghyun gave you some of his clothes and you shook your head. “I look ridiculous. What kind of guy would date me when I look like this?” You sighed again and made your way out to the gym’s lobby. Your hair was still wet from your shower and you looked like you had just rolled out of bed.
“Done so soon? Why don’t you dry your hair?"
"I figured I wouldn’t look any better if I did.”
“Well, I happen to think you look really cute like this."
"I got dressed up for nothing."
"I appreciated it, I just feel more comfortable when you’re yourself.” He held your hand as you walked back to the car. You got in with a heavy sigh, pulling your hair up into a ponytail. You see the flash of the camera again and you groan.
"It’s really attractive when girls put their hair up, I can’t help it. How do you want to finish the night? Since I’ve subjected you to a bunch of non-romantic events."
"Tch… Even you admit it. Should we go drink?"
"Yeah. I’ve wanted to see your drunk habits."
"I’m not drinking that much."
"Too bad, that would have made for some fun photos."
"I’d hate to admit it, but that was probably the best 100th day I’ve ever had."
"Oh? And how many have you had?"
"You don’t need to know that. You just need to know that I had the most fun with you. Why did you do this though?"
"To stand out. You said so yourself, this was the best one ever. I wanted it to be different than any old 100th day. Don’t you feel a lot better knowing it’s not a big stressful event?”
“Actually, yes. I had fun.” He pulled up to your apartment building and you felt quite sad that it was over. “All of our dates should be like this.” Jonghyun laughed in agreement. You made your way to your front door and stood there awkwardly.
“i’ll text you when I get home."
"Okay.” Jonghyun cautiously puts a hand on your cheek and leans in to kiss you. As your lips make contact, the front door opens and the flash from your friend’s camera scares both of you. You back away from each other and smile awkwardly.
“Aw~ You two are so sweet! But come on, Jonghyun, be a little more aggressive! She looks like a good girl but she actually really likes–”
“That’s enough!” You clap your hand against her mouth and make uncomfortable eye contact with Jonghyun. Jonghyun leans over to whisper in your friend’s ear.
“Send me that picture."
"I’ll send you multiple."
"You guys!” You whine hopelessly.
“Bye, I’ll call you later.” He kisses you again and waves, heading down the hall.

CREDITS: bubbleteascenarios

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So cute
I squealed so much during this. jonghyun is my ub so I was excited to just see his name. but this was seriously cute.
So cute *^* I find it weird how I was imaging Sam Lin instead of Jonghyun xD they kinda look alike
That was cute.
bringing back these jonghyun feels yo
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