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So I showed my mom BTS Epilogue: Young Forever, and while she was watching the music video she says, "why are they standing in a pigeon coop?" I look at her like wtf. And I say, "mom, it's not a pigeon coop, it's a maze."
"No. It's a pigeon coop. See, they're in a cage and look at all the feathers."
"Mom, it's clearly a maze. Why would they put pigeons in a 'coop' with no top?"
"They must've taken it off for the music video."
"Oh my God. Mom! It's not a pigeon coop!"
"It's most definitely a pigeon coop."
We got towards the end of the mv and a bird passes through.
"See! There's a pigeon!"
"Mom! That's not a pigeon!"
"You can't tell that it's not."
"Oh my God. Mom. Why would they be in a pigeon coop?"
"I don't know, ask Big Hit."
The conversation carried on for a good 10 minutes. I cried laughing at this. Just wanted to share with you all!

So what do you think? Maze or pigeon coop?

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Ω‹ I guess it's a pigeon coop but all the ARMYs feel are trapped in there
its a pigeon coop maze lol
well you could say.....THEY LEFT THE COOP (please take me away from vingle)
Oh my god I love your mom!!! I totally could see that lol..