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As a Communications major with a focus on film, I've had my fair share of debates about the porn industry.

I had professors shut me down when I didn't agree that porn could be empowering women, rather than objectifying them, if done correctly.
Now, I have no interest in pursuing a career in film, let alone the erotic film industry, but I found this video so intriguing because all of these film students were trying to do exactly what I argued could be done - using porn to empower or represent women, sexual minorities, etc.

The Erotic Film School is an annual three-day intensive course about pornographic filmmaking.

The program is truly one of a kind, led by former porn star and "feminist pornographer," Madison Young.
The curriculum is similar to other film schools with time spent on script writing, shot lists, lighting, operating a camera, editing, etc. But what is really important is the theory and purpose behind it all. According to Young, "There鈥檚 a stark contrast between creating material for masturbation and creating sexually-explicit content with strong underlying themes and messages."

Watch the short documentary below and let me know what you think!

You can learn more about the course at the Erotic Film School site.

Personally, I am excited to see the porn industry make more changes like this and use its immense power to change society!

@YourConscience no....its not....
I would go to school for it. Especially if it was to prove a point of women empowerment! Im not really into port but if there is a pure reason and if it was for a cause, I would go for it. Porn isn't legal prostitution in my eyes. It is an actual job that one uses to get by. For such productions, many skills have to be taught/developed. I feel like I'd be okay with even directing it or producing it. Maybe I just like the arts of film/photography but it would be cool to do it for a cause or two.
porn is just legal prostitution
I honestly think its all about personal perspective. I've never really had a negative view of the sex industry.
I am speechless..I don't think people are getting civilized when you make a porn industry as subject for study by people. to me, its just against morality. so absolutely nope.
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