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Right now I only have one big one for everyone. Of you want to be only on a certain one please let me know. I post about BTS (mostly Suga) I post about khiphop (mostly AOMG....mostly Simon D...should be posting other things when I find them) I have fanfics to tag people into. TRI (gangster AF), Just Friends (Romance), Fluffs, the once in a blue moon smut link from my WattPad (same name as I have here) and @drummergirl691 I already know which one not to put you on. If you don't care just put all in the comments If you're not tagged but like my things don't be afraid to ask to have your name added just put new somewhere in the message
Tag me on everythin I really enjoy ur cards!
all of course!
fantastic. most people are like everything only a few actually have a preference hehe. I will still accommodate those who want specifics it will just be more of a main tag and then a sub tag for specific things instead of making individual big lists.
I'm thete right? right? i want to be tagged to everything!
Thanks for the consideration. 馃槉 Feel free to tag me in everything (minus smut).
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