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I received an alumni email this morning that read "How Engineering Ruined My Marriage" and since I was curious I opened the message and read the article. Based on the article the author's wife is art historian and sociologist. The author stated,
"The dichotomy in our worldviews, and my arrogant belief in the superiority of my own, fractured our marriage and contributed to our divorce. My engineering education had indoctrinated me to value only the quantifiable, to be an unquestioningly obedient employee designing machines for the highest bidder. I was oblivious to the repercussions of my ideology."
To summarize the article, he is basically blaming the engineer way of thinking and quantifying things has ruined his marriage.
My thoughts:
I think in a relationship there will always be disagreements. The lifespan of a relationship is determined by the couple's willingness to let go of their pride and accommodate at the right moment. So, I don't think it's the difference of occupation or interest that ruins a relationship.
My SO and I are completely different. His interests are politics and social issues and I'm into designing and organizing things. He was a economics major and I was a human development major. We're different but we found our common ground in cooking. We actually compliment and learn new things from one another.
What are your thoughts? Do you think your occupation could ruin your relationship?
it's a sad reality badge carriers face..police more than corrections but all of them @cindystran
@cindystran the not knowing if he's coming home is super stressful not to mention the possibility of mental instability from the occupational stress.. then you have the weird hours...weird I won't sit in a restaurant with my back to the door or a window
@sophiamor I always hear people say opposites attract but the truth is not every relationship that are opposites will last but opposites who last are truly wonderful.
I know highly stressful and uncertain outcome jobs like police officer and corrections can strain any relationship but not a degree...I don't see it
No occupations do not ruin relationships. Lack of communication, selfishness, not listening and a number of other things ruin relationships.
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