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I love the make up look, it really compliments the nails! Is that called a reverse french manicure? (when white is the base and the tips are another color?)
@beoonka Yes! However, the thickness of the black top can be done even thicker if you want! Then I guess it would become a lunar manicure? hahaha. Oh god, all those manicure terms. Have you tried it?
@roselee89 I am a super nail newbie! I'm trying to learn how to do nails it's like a completely new world to me haha XD I really like patterned looks and really decorative stuff, along with the classic looks. Do you do nails?
@beeonka I love nails! I don't like the flashy ones, but nail art and maybe mono tone designs is something I'm really into! Maybe you can teach me some k-pop stuff!!