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Wow! I can't believe that my first chapter of my Running Towards You got 100 likes and almost 5,000 views! Like what?! *goes and hugs each of you* I am so happy to see that so many of you have enjoyed that series so far as I love writing it! XD

But in other news, I had decided that when that card had reached 100 likes, that I would post a card about another Fanfiction that I have been working on and if you guys would like for me to post it as well!

OOOOOO~ BTS! Let's get a synopsis of the story...

Fictionless Love (An BTS Fanfic)

Hyun-Ae, an incredibly shy girl, has kept to herself ever since she had been betrayed by those she thought she loved and trusted. When she caught, her now ex-boyfriend, Kyung-il, cheating with her best friend, she was devastated. She had lost hope in trusting others and therefore had decided from then on, that she can trust no one but herself. A year later, going into her second year of college, Hyun-Ae has not opened up to anyone, afraid of being hurt once again. She instead escapes from reality and almost always has her nose in a book, refusing to face the world in front of her and to deal with real people. However, when the 7 most popular guys in school take an interest in her, her life is turned upside down. What will happen when they continue to pester her to talk to and hang out with them? Will she be able to open up to them, allowing her to trust someone again? And what will happen when she starts to have feelings for Jin, the oldest of the group? Find out, in Hyun-Ae's exciting story about the 7 idiots who change her life.

Well, what do you guys think? Are you guys excited!? Because I know I am! I will try to post the first chapter by Thursday if possible, and I would love to hear what you guys think of this! :3

@ElleHolley *flips table, mattress, covers, sister, the car* I am waaaay too excited about this Lol
@jessicaacosta90 agreed damn She-woman the car?!?! 😂😂😂😂
Can I flip the table now? Or is it too early? lol
It sounds amazing something I can really get into!!!! Can you tag me please
Finally, we've always needed some more Jin based fan fics. This sounds awesome- please tag me
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