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Sup, my name's Emma and lets just have a look at the ships from Fairy tail! fistly - NaLu NaLu is the ship name for Natsu Dragneel, the fire dragon slayer, and Lucy Heartfilia, the celestial spirit mage. These two have one of the biggest bonds of friendship personaly and to the point that Natsu normally sneaks in her window... and climbs into her bed at night ...Natsu is a complete AIR HEAD when it comes to this sort of thing even when he is given an open oppitunity to kiss Lucy, through a childs wishes! (Wont spoil it for you!)Although, i do believe NaLu is a very probable ship and with the help of Lucy, Natsu can be pushed in the right direction when she is ready. That or Mira will be up to her match-making again! Secondly - Jerza Okay think Emma! DO.NOT.GO.OVERBOARD!!! Jerza has got to be my most fave ship and OTP in the whole world! Jerza is the ship name for Jellal Fernandes, the heavenly body mage, and Titania Erza Scarlet, the requip mage! At the begining I had my guesses as to the reason behind the name Titania for Erza and when i reaserched it more, i wont say what, but it has to do with the higher class people falling in love with the guy at the bottom. think about it, Jellal is a criminal on the run, for wrongly accused things may i add, and Erza is the fastest at requip magic and the strong female wizard, if the THE strongest! Jellal and Erza both have history going WELL back to there childhood, though it may not be a good childhood, they was one of the best friends there. Even during the time of Jellal being possest, Erza still never stoped thinking about how he was, or about her childhood with him. Still today, Jellal makes Erza his TOP priority whenever danger occurs, which i think is adorable! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I feel this is the most probable ship because of there ties, connection and genuin passion for eachother yet, somehow Jellal has to forget his "sins" in order to have Erza. Thirdly - Gale this is for Gajeel Redfox, the iron dragon slayer, and Levy Mcgarden, A solid script mage. this is a very cute ship and also is hinted SEVERAL times in not just the manga but anime aswell! Both media forms show the love and compassion they show eachother even if they are both, personality wise, on opposite ends of the spectrum! Gale does show a major amount of moments and Gajeel and Levy do show eachother affection very oftern which is something that i feel the other ships lack. I dont in anyways suggest the other ships DONT have there moments because come one, Jellal practicly ended up haveing his own out with Erza but thats not the point, the point is that both Gajeel and Levy u see a consistant level of affection. it also seems that Mashima-sensei may have a liking towards GaLe aswell!
@arnelli yeah u know Max X broom dont u?
@arnelli yo! Im not finished yet lol stil got lots more to do and even Max X Broom
im a girl😂
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