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I tried to narrow this down to just one, but couldn't manage it... so here are my choices for favorite non Fairy Tail characters.

Millianna - Mermaid Heel

I have to choose Millianna because she tries really hard, is great comic relief, is awesome enough to have fought with Jellal's group for a while and she's really cute with the car ears.

Minerva - Sabertooth/ Neo Minerva - Demon

Minerva seems cold & vicious, obsessed with becoming the strongest & even becomes a demon in order to beat Erza & be the strongest. Few insights to her true self are shown before the ending of the Tartaros arc. I personally think she is yandere af, but maybe a touch of tsundere by her crying at being welcomed back to Sabertooth. The future will hopefully tell.
Flare - Raven Tail / Sun Village Flare is a character that should get more screen time. I actually hoped she would join Fairy Tail but didn't happen. She does seem to be out in left field when you look at her due to her large eyes & blankish expression, but she is actually shown to be more naive because of her upbringing & Raven Tail being her first experience with a guild. Having a perfect hour glass figure and long red hair don't hurt eithet

Frosch - Sabertooth

Frosch is pure comic relief. I enjoy episodes he's in more because he's just so.... Frosch.
I really wanted to see Flare join FT. It just made so much sense. and she could have really helped out in the next two arcs
nice picks!! millianna is waifu lol..
I love that you brought up Flare! Haven't seen her mentioned yet and she was an interesting character.