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Chef Takashi, who is well-known for his appearance in the show Top Chef Masters, season 4, opened his namesake restaurant in 2007. Tasaki offers fine dining cuisine in a very casual atmosphere. The building itself is a renovated two-story house, and the dining area is quite small. The price point is quite modest for fine dining, at $75 (plus tax) for a 7-course tasting menu – alas, I got what I paid for. I’m not saying that the food was bad. I just don’t think it was worth the $100 bill with tax and tip. Best: the soy-ginger caramel pork belly – combined with the pickled daikon salad and the steamed buns, it just melted in my mouth Worst: Soba Gnocchi – perhaps the most interesting item on the menu…but the texture was just meh. I enjoy a good jaru soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles with soyu sauce), but the buckwheat just didn’t work for the gnocchi. Bottom line: There were really good dishes and there were big disappointments. If going to Takashi, I recommend ordering a la carte instead of a course meal.
@minjaeturtles well ill eat with hands but its more about just opening and ripping food apart even if its with forks lol my friends get on my case for that all the time lol
@minjaeturtles Well, feel free to recommend other restaurants. I've been to maybe to only a small number of the countless ones there. I'm trying to swing into Chicago more often on the weekends, so I'm always looking for new places to eat there. (^^0
@Goyo lol I know what you mean..I like to eat with my hands a lot :p
This looks so good but I feel like it would be wasted on me cuz i pick at food as i eat it lol
@kristenadams nah it wasn't that complicated haha just had to be a little careful when using my spoon. Where I'm from...is a loaded question for me! I was born in Korea, grew up in Bangladesh, but have been going to school in Chicago for the last 6 years, so...yeah :) What about you?
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