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Pastel hair and rainbow hair seem to be the only color people see on social media but in reality ombre hair is still trending. Recently, I've seen a couple of celebrities picking up this trend again and I can confidently say all hairstyles come and goes but ombre hair is one to stay. It's flattering yet subtle and it a simple way to give hair variation without going too crazy with color. It is compatible with every hair lengthen, color and texture, you just can't go wrong.
For those of you who are consider to get or already have ombre hair I will share a few tips on how to maintain the style.

Before getting ombre hair:

1. Save a few image of your desire ombre hair color and style.
2. Consult your colorist. They will give you an overview of what your hair will look like and what they can do.
3. Consider your hair color. Dark hair should avoid getting a drastic blonde. Instead, you should get a soft medium to light blonde to create a smoother blend.

After color hair maintenance:

Even though ombre hair is low-maintenance you still have to consider the moisture level of your hair due to the bleach and lighten process. Your ends will definitely be more dry and damage in comparison to the new growth at your roots. The best way to prevent your ends from getting split end is: 1. use a color safe shampoo and conditioner 2. Do hair masks focusing at the ends (weekly or bi-weekly)
3. Get regular trims.
4. Limit the use of heat styling tools.