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Bit late posting this one because I've been sick, sorry!
Here's my post about my favorite non-Fairy Tail character! Here's the info on how to join the Fairy Tail Giveaway ^-^
Remember to tag our Fairy Tail Mod @Thatperson512 or the support team The Titania @Aimebolanos The Salamander @tylor619cruz and The Rookie @hikaymm (that's me)!

So, who's my favorite non-Fairy Tail character?

This one's honestly HARD for me because I haven't finished the show yet!!! So, I don't know who will end up in Fairy Tail & who won't, lol! What a weird problem to have....
Sooo....for now, I'm going to choose....


Because even though I know he'll get more story later (I've only met him in one arc so far), well...he's just got the sweetest perfume :3
Bye bye for now~~
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@hikaymm lol yeah the struggle is real. I'm just gonna binge it and catch up. it's time. then I won't have to stress spoilers
MENNNN lol i gotta admit i like him too
Ichiya gives me the creep
@SAMURXAI spoilers for this dont really bother me because i can still enjoy getting to the situaions haha
@Bakaausagi same honestly lol but in an enjoyable way XD