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I have one question for you:


I mean, there's maids who are twins.

A fuzzy cat spirit.

This adorable girl.


and don't forget best MC ever, Subaru!!!!

The show is funny, interesting, mysterious, and has a plot unlike things I've seen before.
You could, I guess, compare the time skipping aspect to ERASED and maybe even to Rokka no Yuusha, but it's seriously INTERESTING. There's even a few more characters worth loving!
Not many anime naturally break the 4th wall by having a unique MC who would be more like one of us viewers going into a fantasy world!! Seriously! It is extremely self-aware of all the tropes it's throwing around and is flat out laughing at them. The cliffhangers feel good unlike most shows, when you understand that going to a restore point is a part of the story progression it's really interesting.
I've read that the writer of the manga is up to more than 500 chapters & it doesn't fall off in terms of quality, which means I'll be watching this for QUITE a while!!!
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@hikaymm thanks! I'll start watching it.
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i prefer watching back to back instead of one at a time
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It's so good so far but it's starting to seem like it's going to become a harem...馃槩馃槕馃槱馃槧馃槶
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the fact that the protagonist is the only male in the opening has convinced me that it's going to be a harem so i think im going to drop it
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I will have to start watching that one. thanks for the info
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