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Let's Talk! What's Everyone Watching Now?

Hey all!
I want to catch up with everyone <3

So, what are you all watching?

This week, I'm watching:
- Fairy Tail (in the 70s on episode count)
- Flying Witch (up to Episode 2)
- Mayoiga (up to Episode 4)
- Hundred (up to Episode 2)
- Re:Zero (up to Episode 4)
- Cerebus (up to Episode 3)
- Pan de Peace
I also try to start Kiznaiven & HaiFuri if I have time! And maybe Endride, if the reviews seem good when I check them out.

What are you watching??

tagging some friends, tag yours!!!
Fairy Tail ( Episode 182 ) I don't have the time to watch multiple anime 😂
I don't even know anymore like I start watching one them I'm like nah I'll leave it here then start a new one and keep repeating the same process
Hmmm.... Let's see: 1. Berserk 2. Shokugeki no Soma 3. Shimoneta (rewatch) 4. Gurren Lagann (rewatch) 5. World Trigger (20's ish) 6. Godeater 7. Mushishi 8. Psycho pass 9. Nisekoi (2nd season) 10. Fafner Exodus 11. Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans And a few others. But those are the major ones for the time being.
the devil is a part timer hellsing ultamate attack on titan Noragami aragato Naruto shippuden
@hikaymm I like vampire ones usually, and the action is pretty non stop as well as suspense so its hard to stop at 1 or 2... I really enjoyed it and can't wait for 3rd season
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