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Remember Dylan & Cole Sprouse from the Suite Life of Zach & Cody? It didn't occur to me but the boys recently graduate college and are now pursuing their individual career as a photography and video game designer. Well, and you know me. Every time I share something about anyone it's about hairstyles.

So, tell me you don't find the hairstyle above hot? Leo 2.0?

I've been stalking the twin's instagram for a while and I can't stop staring at their fringe undercut. It also reminds me a lot of Leonardo DiCaprio's 90s hairdo from the iconic romance film, Titanic. Despite the similarities, the boys manage to give it a modern upgrade with a low fade.
This hairstyle features a long top and short side. The hair at the top is long so it gracefully falls on the face. One of the technique to achieve this hairstyle is to get a basic undercut and letting the top grow on its own.
Of course, the side and back will need a little trim and taper to maintain the style. After the hair grows out it will take less time for maintain the hairstyle.

Anyone digging this hairstyle?

omg yes! im digging it so much 😻
Well which ever one it is, I can only wish the both of them luck in their future endeavors ☺️
@DasiaB Yes! I heard one of them will be acting again.
YASSS I've been seeing them and I love it to death!! 😍😍😍 so glad they graduated and are doing their own things now.