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I'll just get straight to it. *will be lengthy because just look at all those days I missed for certain reasons that will just take up more space on this card.
Day 18: Which gene would you rather have as a companion on an island? -This surprised me but Yongseok is the lucky winner trapped on an island with me. (and bc of the way our conversatios will go lol)
Day 19: Favourite era of Cross Gene -Well, its not really an era but my favourite is their "Shooting Star Single" period bc its when Seyoung debuted with the group. √_√
Day 20: Favourite outfits on each gene -Any suit that they wear (especially the purple is slaying) which is their "Amazing Bad Lady" era
Day 21: Most Handsome Gene -Literally all of them though if I have to choose then... Seyoung, especially when he does aegyo.
Day 22: Funniest Gene -Sangmin wins this prize. Just look at how happy his members aee when he dances.
Day 23: Gene with the best body -In my opinion: Casper @_@
Day 24: Favourite hair on each gene -As a whole their weird hairstyle is great bc it makes me laugh & smile at their ridiculousness. However I personally like certain hair colours on each: •Yongseok with red hair •Shin with short brown hair •Takuya with that light pinkish hair (wow) •Sangmin with his sides shaved •Casper with short short hair •Seyoung with light brown hair
I will never get over this gif ^ Tagging the CandY chingus: @AimeeH @Tigerlily84 Manita, you're gong to be tagged in everthing I do lol. @MirandaKawahara Sweet Besos!
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Yay!! I love this!