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@CuteBabyLay thanks for the game ^^
Older brother Channie!!! o(≧▽≦)o
Also my best friend!!


Kim Jongin....Krystal ain't gonna be happy with me (O-O)/

One who likes me

OMO yes Baozi it's a dream come true, I will notice you senpai I always have!!! Xiumin with the cute cat eyes I want to cuddle with you please \(//∇//)\

Ex boyfriend

He just didn't have that good good ya know? v(^_^)v

The one who stole my heart

$uho $tealing heart$

First kiss

I guess our mutual love for chicken made me your style hmmm Kris?

One who drugs you

Maybe it's because I said he could literally be the princess of China with his looks? σ(^_^;)

One who gets me pregnant

HELLLL YEAH SON CUZ HE'S GOT ME SO EXCITED (that's right Luhan I used your lyrics against you!!) SEBOOTY IS ALL MINE \(//∇//)\*\(^o^)/*

One who leaves me

Yes please, go Jongin, be free to love Krystal! Run off frolicking into the sunset with her!

One I marry after high school

Welp big brother Chanyeol isn't gonna be happy, KKAEPSONG for him YEHET for me I got my first EXO bias!! Baekhyunnie love ya!!
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Ahaha 😂😂 Princess of China, oh Sely no wonder he drugged you. Remember he's "manly" 😂😂