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Bts + YoongixReader "Hurry, lets go!!" Jin yells at you and the rest of the boys while practically running toward the mall food court. - You had been feeling pretty down lately and super stressed because it was final exams month at university. Earlier that day you were complaining to your best friend Yoongi about school and what has been getting you down lately and he decided to take you out for a day of care free window shopping at the mall. The rest of the guys kinda just invited themselves, but you didn't mind, you were happy that you were all together. - "C'mon, you guys are so slow!" You chuckle to yourself while you witness Jin acting like a very hungry mother goose, honking at her children. "Boys! Stop messing around! We gotta make it there before lunch or else there will be lines!" You smile and shake your head in embarrassment as Jimin, Tae, Jungkookie, and Hobie are messing around, trying to make you laugh and disobeying the eldest in the group. You and Yoongi were walking together, arms linked together, like he was escorting you. He leans his head close to your ear and says "Those guys are idiots, why are we friend with them." You laugh and reply with "The same reason why I'm friends with you, because you guys would be lost with out me but you guys make me happy, every now and then." Yoongi scoffs and looks at you like you have offended him. "Well it's true!" You laugh "I'm basically like your mother, I'm the only one who can get you guys to get things done! And it doesn't help that you guys never listen to Jin, even though he tries very hard. So you guys stress me out too." Yoongi smiles and nudges you, you smile back and squeeze his arm.
Admin: Hello~ how did you like the intro? I haven't written fan fiction since..... 7th or 8th grade? XD that was long ago. I'll post the first chapter later today, bye bye for now :)
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