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Mark Sanchez will forever be known for the butt fumble...
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@Saravy Me too... I missed work for the Super Bowl too... so sad. The NFC East is pretty tough like always. RG3 at Washington... Giants still have Eli... At least the Eagles are undecided at QB!
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@Goyo Damn I feel for you haha. Must be tough to be a Jets fan! Who knows maybe they'll be better than expected this year?
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@JohnLee Don't get me started on my conf. They can all go and jump off a cliff. :P @Goyo Good luck to the Jets this year. And yeah, laughing is all you can do sometimes. It's better than crying and sobbing.^^
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@saravy oh there is still some crying lol but i like to call them tears of ummm... ill get back to u on that lol
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@Goyo lol I'm sure they're manly tears. ;)
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