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The seven hour drive was worth it. They were amazing. I didn't flip out as much like I did with EXO but that was my first ever concert. So I had no idea what to expect. But I knew to expect great awesomeness now.
They started out with Warrior. It was amazing I sadly could only record the last minute of it. I was a few mins late because of traffic and I was trying to find my seat.
Time for some pictures
I have so many of Yongguk because he stayed across from me the whole time. Even though I was in the balcony and I swear he was looking for me and we made eye contact even though I was so far away. During the end it was hilarious they all were like I love Chicago pizza. But, Daehyun was so passionate about it he went back stage got a slice of pizza ran across the stage and yelled,"I LOOOOVVEEE CHIIICAAAAGOOO PIIIZZZAAAA" It was hilarious
Some pictures of the city
On the route I took there was a wind farm
BONUS On my way back home I got to see Michael Jackson's childhood home. I live in Kentucky so I went through the whole state of Indianna. That is off my bucket list now. The first one is his house.The second house is the neighbors house.
@MrsBangYongguk well it true xD xD xD
@MrsBangYongguk Im saving up money to go next time with you so I can meet you! I'll just mail myself to Chicago to my godparents house and then walk there to the concert next time xD
heheh ok then xD @MrsBangYongguk
did you go through Logansport Indiana? and I'm glad you had lots of fun :) hopefully next time I can go
@MrsBangYongguk thanks xD I need it xD 😂😂
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