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Bills fans fail Lee Smith when he attempts the Lambeau (Buffalo?) Leap
@JohnLee It's seriously a second religion. The big cities are normal, it's when you get out into the country and smaller towns that it's so fanatic.^^
@Saravy Haha that is awesome. I guess for people in Texas, football is more than just a game. I can't wait either!
@JohnLee Oh that's right...I forgot about that. :P Yes, preseason. My aunt, who's a Texan fan, has a counter on her home computer counting down until it starts. I think it's like 70 something days or is it less? lol
@Saravy Well to be fair the Raiders did go to the Super Bowl like 10 years ago even though they lost haha. O man I can't wait for the preseason to start!!!!
@JohnLee Well, at least with the Bills they actually win. I remember when they go to the Super Bowl, they always lose and it's a bit disappointing. As for the others though...yeah. Raiders have always sucked as long as I can remember. Which is like 30 years...>_<
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