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hi! im new on this Vingle but actually i am updated on ur line about Lee Min Ho, can i ask u a favor?i want to know more about Lee Min Ho and im wishing someday i can talk or chat with him in person, pls tell him i am one amongst his avid fans ...i secretly admire and endure Lee Min Ho...thanks a lot and more power to ur site..May God Bless all of u ....Have a nice Day....this is my email in yahoo and on my facebook it is ladyinn18@facebook .com..thanks again...
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get those fingers workin' girl...internet will give you all the infos you want to know, just be resourcefuk because thats what we did, first, warch all his dramas, Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith....
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...then browse all the facebook accounts using his name, just pick your favourite fanpage and like it but NEVER ever forget to Like his official page, the one with black and white profile photo..
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and also, You Tube will make you smile watching all videos of his performances, CFs, BTS, and Airport fashion...
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me to, im doing all my efforts just to be updated all about him... like all his fanpage and all his videos...
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