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Talking [n.] - the action of talking; speech or discussion.

While the dictionaries definition doesn't go into the possibilities of dating, you get the gist of it -- or do you? While some don't even relate 'talking' to the possibilities of the could be's and should be's of dating, a lot of people do. Many describe talking as the pre-mature stage that comes before making it official.
We live in a generation where properly asking a woman to be your girlfriend has become foreign and somehow it just falls into place overtime. Whatever happened to strategizing a plan? Some choose to live on the wild side of the dating pool, whereas others like to just go with the flow. But at the end of the day, where does going with the flow leave you? In most cases, it leaves you lost and that's why we try our hardest not to skip the step we all [or at least the majority] have grown to known as talking. At the end of the day, everyone has a definition. What's yours? Keep scrolling and leave a comment below.

What's your definition of 'talking' pre-relationship?

Do you believe there is such thing as the talking stage? How long should two people talk before they take it to the next step?
@primodiva93 yourconscience is always a killer...
for at least a year
that's honestly subjective... one couple may get a strong connection after just a week while another may take a year..but I personally feel couples should talk before making any serious commitments or decisions
Absolutely! If you don't talk things out how do you know you're both on the same page???
@jordanhamilton your grandpa's a different story... lol jk jk jk
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