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Hey guys! I hope nobody has fallen off the fit and healthy train! I don't know about you, but I am feeling a little bit bored of the gym, so I have gathered some fuckin' awesome workouts for the week that do no require a gym membership.
Summer is on its way and it's time to get sweatin'.

Monday - 8 Bodyweight Exercises for Chest Day

Monday is usually a designated day for all the bros to wear their best chest t-shirt and slam those pecs. You can do grunt all you want at home with this workout. Read the card HERE.

Tuesday - Ballet Inspired Leg & Butt Workout

These exercises are anything but easy. Prepare to feel the burn (not the Bern). For a complete workout, try these exercises in intervals. For example, 45 seconds each exercise for 10 rounds. Read the card HERE.

Wednesday - 10 Minute Total Workout

Don't have much time? Luckily for you, this workout is fast (but still intense). Read the card HERE.

Thursday - 5-Minute "Crop-Top" Abs Workout

Crop top season is approaching and it's time to get shit done. Read the card HERE.

Friday - Try This Exercise By Spelling Your Name

How about a little bit of a challenge? Let's mix things up. Use both your first and last name to come up with a random exercise. Or, if you want to take itn easy, try it out with just your first name. Read the card HERE.