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Let The Maknae Live! 🎤

They are too cute!

*Hope this brightens up your day!*


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@PolarStarr lmaoo poor Kookie..for the hyungs he is not a cute Maknae lol.. that " Wing Chuno Punch" that was too funny how he got ready to show.... and Suga wants to be a stone in his next life.. ahahha..omg!
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Haha yasss im glad you liked the interview!! I was dying when i first saw that!!! 😂😂 @luna1171
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@PolarStarr Lol.. I was laughing so much with them.. they are too much to handle. .hehe
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Hahah seriously! Like i cant watch them without laughing like a crazy person 😂😂 @luna1171
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This is never not funny
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