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Who isn't afraid of a little bit of muscle and flex action? Here are muscle-related cards that are great for a read during a lazy break. Enjoy the reading gainzzz.

She's Stronger Than Her Muscles: Dana Linn Bailey

A background story of the very famous female body builder. Warning: you might tear up a little bit. Read the card HERE.

Bench Press-less Chest Workout

Bench press is not really your cup of tea? There's way around it. Discover new ways to build your chest without the basic bench. Read the card HERE by @marshalledgar.

Grandma Rips a 225-Pound Deadlift

Age ain't nothing but a number. This grandma can lift more than some young folk. Read the card HERE.
thanks for the mention. @alywoah that grandma is impressive!!!!!!!
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You're welcome dude!!! And yeah she's strongggg @marshalledgar
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