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9. I miss you..

It's been almost a year since Mark and Jackson  seen eachother, ten Months to be exact. They had talk on the phone, text and facetime every chance they got, since Jackson  left to south Korea to join JYP new group Got7. Now, it's been three months since Jackson  heard from Mark. Jackson noticed Mark hasn't been on any of his social media either.  Jackson  is really worry  and doesn't know what to do to find out about Mark. 

Meanwhile, Mark still in Taiwan, he's  traveled most of Taiwan this year and is staying at a small villa close to where his parents come from originally. Now that Mark finished his plan for the year he still isn't sure if he want to go back to America and continue studying or go to South korea and take up JYP offer in joining Got7. But Mark doesn't want to just go because of Jackson, but because he actually wants to become an idol. Mark just can't seem to decided what he exactly really wants. The only thing he could make up his mind is if he doesnt speak or have any contact what so ever with Jackson untill he decide what to do. he needed time to think  without Jackson's influence  interfering with his decision. 

In the mean time Jackson is loosing it back in Seoul.

"Hyung let's go eat I am really hungry" BamBam  whined

"I am sorry BamBam I'm not in the mood to eat right now.. next time buddy." Jackson respond while still staring at his phone intensely. 
"But hyung, you have to eat sometimes. you haven't eaten anything all day and we practice hard today." BamBam continued.

"Bam... I just want to go to my bed ok, go with Yugyeom" Jackson said a bit irritated, pointing to the direction where Yugyeom was sitting on the sofa playing with his phone but still listening to the whole conversation.

"hyung don't be like that, please come with me I know-" 

"BamBam!! Stop asking me I already  said NO!! leave me the fuck alone!!" Jackson shouts cutting BamBam off. 

Jackson grabs his backpack and storm out of the studio. Yugyeom gives BamBam  a deadly look..shaking his head slowly.

"What??!" Bambam snarls. 

"Why are you so persistent, he already  said no to you" Yugyeom said.

" I just want him to do something so he'll stop being  so depressed. haven't you noticed that he has changed lately? he is not the  same energetic and fun Jackson anymore" BamBam explains.

" Well don't you kown why he is feeling like this? BamBam, he has reasons. So just let him be don't bother him." Yugyeom addresses.

" What reasons?" BamBam ask curiously.

"You know" Yugyeom said shrugging his shoulders.

"Oohhh. That friend of his that hasnt contact Jackson in a while huh?... hmm maybe he's over jackson already " BamBam guessed.

"BamBam do you talk out of your ass, Shut Up will ya!" Yugyeom barked. 

" It's the truth, who knows maybe he got over Jackson already or found someone else and is fucking with him instead." BamBam assumed.

"Bam. .what that hell you want him to leave Jackson or something?" Yugyeom tolled his eyes.

BamBam  had a evil smirk on his face when he said that.. BamBam had started having some type of feeling for Jackson. Lately they've gotten worse. Because Jackson  doesn't feel the same way and lately  doesn't  even pay much attention to BamBam. Which makes BamBam want it more.

 Back  at the dorms. .

"Hey Jackson! let's go to the movies .. there is a new movie that came out and I want to see it. It looks funny" JB nudged Jackson.

"I am sorry JB I don't really feel like going out tonight " Jackson shrugged walking over to the kitchen counter and sitting down.

"Hey?"  JB  noticed  that Jackson was worry and the sadness  in Jackson's face.

JB knew Jackson hasn't been able to contact Mark but  he did not wanted to ask him about it. He didnt want  to get involved  on other people's problem, but Jackson a good friend of his and couldn't help but worry. 

"Listen, if you want to talk about it? maybe you will feel better if you talk about how you feel." JB said placing his hand on Jackson shoulder.

Jackson try holding  his tears, he doesn't  want to cry in front of JB and look weak for crying over somebody but the tears were unbearable and look to the opposite side.

"There's  nothing to talk because I don't know  anything  right now. I am just worrying the hell out of myself  Just thinking that something has happened  to him? I mean what else could it be?" Jackson whined.

" hey... don't think that way ok.. be positive" JB suggested.

" how the fuck am I going to be positive if has been three fucking months since last time I talked to him... since last time he posted anything  on  Instagram  or Twitter?" Jackson shouts.

"I don't know what to say then man." JB rubbed the back of his neck.

 " I am so mad and angry, but also worry... I dont fucking know what I am feeling  anymore!!" Jackson Cries out.

Jackson  shouts and hits the kitchen  counter, his face is turning  red.. his tears are about to drop out of his eyes. .and he drops his head back looking at the ceiling and shout frustratingly.

" aaaaaaahh! GOD!  help me!"
JB touch his shoulders and tells Jackson's to calm down a bit. Jackson pulls away his shoulder and glares at JB.

"HOW THE FUCK CAN I COME DOWN when I'm not sure if Mark is okay or maybe with someone else..." Jackson lashed out. 

JB wasn't sure what type of relationship Mark and Jackson had and other wasn't any of his business. JB knew Jackson wasn't going to listen to him and just patted Jackson back and walked away exiting the dorm. As soon as JB left Jackson drop his head onto the kitchen counter and started sobbing. He want to hear marks voice so bad.  Jackson  pulls out his phone in another attempt  to try contacting  Mark.. this time he send a text.

Jackson: Mark.. please if you can see this answer me. I am about to loose it if you don't answer me..

Jackson : Mark  I am thinking  the worse....are you ok? at least  tell me if you are OK?

Jackson: I MISS YOU.


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