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I am not a moderator for the health/fitness/diet.. communities or anything, but I am superrrr active here. I've seen a few new faces, and I just wanted to say HIIIIIIIIIII.
A little bit about me: I loovveee lifting weights. I used to powerlift and compete when I was in college, now I just lift for fun. I began my fit journey when I was losing weight. That was my first focus, then I just wanted to be strong. Today, I focus on my overall health so that includes: eating healthy, being active, being happy, learning more, living a positive life, ect.
Sorry if I don't tag everyone new. These are the faces I've noticed from the new cards I've seen!
(but I also wanna shout out to all the lurkers out here lol)
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I learned a lot @alywoah don't forget to take bcaa
@VixilCastillo if you have more questions you can always message me too!
@alywoah unless you like to write a page ha ha ha I have 20 more for you, but again I'm happy for now
oh boy lol @vixilcastillo