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No sweetie. I did not forget your birthday.
It's midnight in Korea, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
Oh there you are - all happy now.
Just trying to celebrate you over the years...
And in 2012...
And last year when the tour started....
So here's to you.
I toast with you.
Celebrate with you...
And wish you the best birthday ever !!
Tagging: Our Baby's Bae Baes: @katyng52 & @sailynn @terratoyasi @kpossible4250 @luna1171 @satinskies @jamimilsap @lovetop And credits to all owners esp. Highlite. Use #happydaesung to wish him the best too!
And now, from YG.
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Happy Birthday to our Daesung!!!!!
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happy birthday to my #2!!! I see how much love and effort u put into this card, so sweet!! and yes I saw the 'bride' pic that I love.. 馃榿馃槏馃榿馃槏
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@katyng52 The bride pic...
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@KDSnKJH yes u know exactly which one 馃榿馃榿 oh and the third one from the same block- I am stealing it! 鉂も潳
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