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Ok so yesterday I went to Koryo Books in Koreatown NYC and it was AMAZING! I was in heaven! If I had enough money I would've bought all the Kpop merch they had! I got these 3 bracelets and I love them!
I also saw this Maserati at the Rockefeller building and I'm pretty sure the girls who got out of it were a couple members of GFriend (or at least they looked REALLY similar)! But since I wasn't positive (I don't listen to enough GFriend to be absolutely positive) I didn't say anything but I wish I would've.
Anyway there's my journey through Koreatown NYC! It was an amazing time and I can't wait to go back!
so sweeeet
@Cryomorph I wanna go馃槕馃槕馃槕
I've been there twice, ate and also sang karaoke with a couple of friends. I like it and I mostly get to do it when I go to NY, I've lived there for so long and never went anywhere and now that I live elsewhere I go there a lot.
I'm on the next bus to NY
@Cryomorph OMG!! Yeas!! I been wanting Korean beauty skin care..thank you so much.. I am on break this week yeeeiih!
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