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They tell you to live your life before you settle down, as if you won't have a life once you do so. While the idea of settling down is comforting, the idea of traveling the world and following your dreams is even more comforting. We all want both, but in most circumstances can't have both at the same time. Once you fall in love, that person will always be around -- those are facts. It's up to you to make such a commitment, but before you do so -- do something fro yourself that you will remember later on down the road. Life isn't about counting your regrets, but more so about counting the times you went through with what you quite possibly could be regretting this very day.
For those currently in a relationship, either they lived their life to the fullest while single or they didn't. The fact of the matter is that you're currently single and you have a life ahead of you waiting to be lived. Of course you might be interested in someone, but take that flight, take that class, learn that one thing you were terrified of doing before you make it official. While two is always better than one in most cases, having accomplished a few things is better than accomplishing none. Keep scrolling to check out the amazing video brought to you by Buzzfeed and leave a comment with the number of things you've accomplished.

I got 21 out of 27.

What's yours? Leave a comment below.
That makes two of us!! Definitely looking forward to it @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton ^_^ Accomplishing some of these was really fun. Can't wait to see how I feel after I accomplish all of them
when I play the video it only shows 3 things =/
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