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We all have that one person where each song becomes a snippet of your lives together.
Nothing is harder then staring at the person who knew everything about you and then purposely removed themselves from your life.
Because not all poetry is heart wrenching, just like not all love is heart breaking.
It doesn't seem like love ever comes at the appropriate time, nor in the appropriate person.
Don't get caught up with someone you only think you should love. Because nothing is more tragic.
Isn't it sad when the only thing left of something so important is awkward glances you can stop initiating?
Any poem with the world twisted describes the beginnings of love quite accurately.
It's interesting that heart break and be described perfectly in destruction.
A writer without words is usually a writer without love.
And sometimes, being the heart breaker helps you more then being the heart broken.
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I'm sure you've read him but a lot of these remind me of Tyler Knott!