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I'm trying to make a theif costume for a guy and I'm trying to use mostly his closet. I'm gonna do a couple of layers of black, Light wearing cloths, but I don't quite know how to put it together on him. we're going as a theif pair to the ren faire. tips and ideas are so welcome!!
I know what I'm looking for is aesthetics, but more looking for the different layers to be pieced together if that makes sense however I am looking through so many photos of male theif costumes from every show I can think of that one helps a bit too! thank you
I was literally just thinking I needed alot of leather belts hahaha again thanks!
@Fenrisulfur101 sure thing! You could also try looking at some DnD thief cosplays. They use a lot of belts XD
You could look at the The Dread Pirate Roberts costume from The Princess Bride for inspiration! That sounds very similar to what you're going for in terms of look