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I'm personally not a huge fan of idol mangas and anime. It's just really not my thing. I tried watching Love Live once and I think part of my frontal lobe dissolved. C'est la vie. That being said, though, I think it's cool that the genre exists, and I know there are some fans of that stuff (looking at you, @hikaymm) here on Vingle.
I saw some bit of news this morning that struck me as interesting, and maybe something that the idol anime fans in the community will like.
It's a manga (webcomic really) all about K-Pop groups and the idiosyncrasies of life as a KPop idol. The webtoon by Kyung-Ran Park is called Imitation and is available on spottoon.

Brief Summary:

The comic focuses on young girl Maha Lee, member of K-pop girl group called Tea Party. As the series name implies, Maha's success was built on her ability to imitate other popular Kpop stars, and the manner in which she achieved her fame rubs some members of the Kpop community the wrong way.
Ryoc Gwon, member of the boy band SHAX, certainly isn't cool with it and initially hates Maha for what he sees as duplicity. Ryoc doesn't respect people who become famous without talent or hard work, and he sees all these qualities in Maha.
Things gradually change (because anime) and Ryoc starts to have a change of heart after a particularly horrible mistake that makes Maha cry. Can romance truly strike these two?
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@kpopandkimchi I KNOW BUT YOU HAVE TO SEE IT
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This actually seem hella interesting
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@CreeTheOtaku wait has this started? if so I need linking.
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@CreeTheOtaku nvm I just read up again. I was too interested to check the plot plus I'm half sleep
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