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As much as we are all tired of hearing about Kylie Jenner, this news was too good to pass up. Trust me on this one. While Kylie has been doing quite a lot within the beauty and fashion industry, it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon -- and I mean, can we really be mad?
Enough negativity, it's time for me to dish the tea and believe me, it's piping hot.
Word on the street says that Kylie and Alexander Wang are collaborating on something amazing. Yes, you read that correctly. While we aren't really sure what this something might be just yet, the postings on social media tell us enough.
Of course, Kris had to get a photo in and then Kylie filled us in with little to no details except the fact that she was wearing a bomber jacket from Wang's S/S 2016 collection. While the suspense is somewhat exhilarating, it's also killing me. A clothing collection maybe? Better yet, a shoe or handbag collection? Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it will be lit.

What do you think the two happen to be up to?

@primodiva93 lol. I have to agree with you. While I do like Alexander Wang I hope they make this line reasonably priced!
I agree!!! I would love if it's a shoe or a handbag. I feel like all street wear looks the same these days @primodiva93
If it's street wear but over priced, I don't want any part of it. Like with Kanye and his holy clothes I can make myself lol. I want to see her make something different from her sisters but in sensible sizes.