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Hello Hydration!!! I love you!!! First Impressions of the Package: When I first opened the package and pulled out the moisturizer, I thought, What the Heck? I turned it upside down and in many other directions before I digested the fact that this is a tube and pump hybrid. Then I thought, Coooooooolll!! When in reality I was thinking, This is weird. The color of the tube is pretty and its also super cheap, just like all the other elf products. Review: I like the moisturizer. Its hydrating, non-greasy and lightweight. Now THAT IS PRETTY COOL! Because even though, I do have dry skin, I dont like the greasiness of oil on my skin, so these qualities are definitely a plus. My skin absorbs the lotion like there is no day and I noticed that I dont need any other moisturizer when I use this, besides the fact that I do use sunscreen everyday of my life. I have been using this for two weeks and I have to say Im pleased. I also have been getting compliments on my skin (but there are other reasons for that) Some Answers to your Questions: Would you recommend this? Yes Can a person with oily skin use this? Yes because its light weight and wont leave your skin feeling greasy or anything like that. Does it smell bad? No Does it smell good? It has a pleasant smell. Does it have SPF? No, use sunscreen separately Final Thoughts: For a hydrating moisturizer, this product is pretty good and if youre looking for a simple moisturizer this is a good one to use. Plus Allure has given it a best of beauty award and that in itself says a lot. If you check out the link below, youll see that a lot of people love this product just like me. Credit: Picture from Elf Cosmetics website: Let me know your thoughts on this product below if you have tried it or if you have any questions for me.
@MyAffairWith Thanks for the quick response! i'm still hunting for a good lightweight moisturizer for the warmer weather. I'll keep this on my to test list. Did you purchase it from Target?
@cindystran no problem!! yes :) I hope you like this!
@marshalledgar I will share share share share share share ☺️
I want to know more more more more more more @MyAffairWith
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