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Peruvian food is the bees knees, or the ceviche to our beings. Okay, I tried to rhyme -and I failed. Anyway, The Peruvian cuisine has several influences including from areas like European, Asian, and West African. A lot of dishes include food items like potatoes, rice, and meat.
Mmm potatoes (one of my favorite foods!)

1 - Lomo Saltado

This is a delicious stir-fry cooked with marinated beef and vegetables. It's often served with rice and potatoes.

2 - Aji De Gallina

This savory dish is made with stewed chicken and a spicy creamy pepper sauce.

3 - Jalea

Fried food is tasty food. This dish is of fried, lightly breaded fish.

4 - Tacu Tacu

Don't throw away your leftover rice and beans...create something new out of it. That's exactly what this dish tacu tacu does. It's toasty, it's golden, and it has a nice little crispy to it.

5 - Papas A La Huancaina

Yum, I can just taste this picture! This dish is of boiled potatoes topped with a spicy, creamy sauce.

6 - Causa

This is a seasoned, spicy mashed potato that's stuffed with meat, seafood, or whatever your stomach desires.

7 - Ceviche

Oh, ceviche! Why are you so tasty? This refreshing dish combines fresh seafood with lemon juice, lime juice, and other vibrant flavors.
#5 reminds of me of a tapa made of potatoes with creamy spicy sauce I ate in Spain :)
All of these look great!
<33333 :) @michi220