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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1368 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 7/?
I sorted myself out hastily, drying my red eyes with tissue and clearing my throat. I had to go back out there. But I wasn’t planning on staying- I would grab my stuff and go.
Jin had no right to shout at me like that. Yes, I had made a mistake, but that wasn’t his concern. If he wanted to get me fired, he could take it up with the school, but I would not let him treat me like shit.
I took one final deep breath before leaving the restroom. I knew I still looked a mess but I didn’t care.
I wasn’t even near them but I could hear Yoona’s high pitched giggling. Lord knows how Jin was putting up with that sound at work, because I could hardly stand it.
I walked up to them, my face stoic, and looked around for my bag, confused. It wasn’t where I had left it. I glanced at Jin, then Yoona, who was covering her mouth trying not to laugh.
Oh. I understood. He’d hidden my bag and she found it hilarious. What is she, three?
I didn’t make eye contact with him as I mumbled “Where is my bag?”
I was met with silence. “Jin”, I said with gritted teeth. I didn’t want to swear in a public place. “Give it to me.”
He just motioned darkly with his eyes for me to sit down, and I stared back just as coldly. If he thought he could be more stubborn than me, well, he was in for a surprise.
Yoona looked quite shocked at my annoyance, but I really didn’t give a shit. I wasn’t going to spend anymore time here. With him.
“Fine”, I huffed. I glanced briefly at Yoona to smile at her, before turning back to Jin.
“Enjoy your night”, I spoke without emotion as I turned on my heel and walked away.
I had a spare key and didn’t really have much use for my phone seeing as Namjoon had seemingly blown me off too.
What I really didn’t expect was Jin to call out “We will!” as I walked away. I thanked god that the car keys were still on my being as I walked outside.
I couldn’t believe Jin. He had humiliated and taunted me. Sure, it was just us in there, but every time I looked at him now, I would just feel a burning desire to slap him.
I got home, slamming the door shut in my rage. I had got ready for that?!
I didn’t want to see his face come Monday, but at least I had the whole weekend to calm myself down. I was hoping he would have the common sense to tell his little pal not to come to work with him.
Otherwise I would change class.
I sighed heavily as I flung off the scarf and slipped out of my dress, opting to lounge about in my cotton shorts and tee shirt.
What the hell was happening in my life? I couldn’t make sense of anything anymore. Namjoon had been chasing after me, and had suddenly stopped. Jin was the kindest guy I’d ever met, and suddenly he had become a dick.
Was I missing something? I didn’t know. I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten all day in the hope of getting a meal at the restaurant, so I begrudgingly went to the kitchen to hunt for some snacks.
An hour later, snacks devoured, some TV and even some music, I was still pissed off. Nothing could take my mind off how Jin had treated me. And what the hell did he mean when he said “Now you know how it feels to get fucked over”?
What was he implying? My head hurt thinking about it.
A sudden knock on my door made me jump. This was likely to be one of two people, so I didn’t say anything.
“Y/n.” A stern voice called my name. I frowned at the voice- Jin. He had probably come to return my things.
“Open the door. Or I’ll come in using your key.” Still I refused to budge. I sat there arms crossed, not moving. I didn’t want to see his face.
I heard him sigh and unlock the door, and as the door opened, I turned away.
“Leave the bag and go”, I cut him off bluntly. The longer he was here, the angrier I would get.
I huffed in frustration as he came in and shut the door behind him. Great.
My bare legs felt cold as the air from outside circulated in the now enclosed room, making me shiver.
I watched in my peripheral vision as he placed the bag down on my table. I suddenly felt very self-concious of the marks on me that were no longer covered. The very same marks Jin had sneered at a couple of hours back.
He stood there, just waiting. Probably waiting for me to say something. So I did. “How was the date?”, I asked scornfully, wanting him to just leave me alone.
“Boring”, he replied simply, still standing there. He didn’t look like he was about to leave anytime soon.
I stood up abruptly and faced him. I didn’t look as intimidating as I hoped, mainly because of the height difference, but I didn’t care.
“What the fuck do you think your playing at Kim Seokjin?” I snapped, eyeing him furiously.
He tilted his head and stared at me, more curious than anything. “You’re angry. Cute.”
What the hell? Was he trying to rile me up on purpose?
I shoved his chest, and he didn’t even react. “Fuck you”, I seethed. “You had no right to embarrass me like that!”
“What, and who decides what I have the right to do? Ok, if we’re playing this game, who gave you the right to fuck a student?”
I stared at him, open mouthed. I could feel my cheeks burning up. Jin gave a small chuckle at my expression of disbelief.
I shook my head slowly, mentally telling myself I wouldn’t cry. It seemed to me that that was what Jin was trying to do. Make me cry. Hurt me.
“I told you it wasn’t supposed to happen!” I retorted, not really knowing what else to say. Because as much as it hurt to admit it, he was right.
The lighting cast almost sinister shadows on his handsome face. He slowly bought a hand up and caressed my cheek. “You think I believe that?”
I jerked my head away from his touch as a single tear rolled down my cheek. For fuck’s sake.
“What the hell is it to you anyway?” I spat. I knew that resorted to the ‘it’s none of your business’ line was childish, but I was also in the wrong here, and had nothing going for me.
“What is it to me? Not a hell of a lot when it’s you who’s going to lose your job, not to mention your dignity, it’s you who’s going to rot behind bars and it’s you who Namjoon will bring all his one night stands to, to laugh at you.”
I didn’t know what to say. I stood there numbly, as Jin wiped my tears gently with his thumb. It was such a loving gesture from someone who sure as hell hated me.
“Y/n”, he said, a lot more gently. “I know I’m being harsh on you but I don’t want to see you get hurt. His type of guy...h-he’s not right for you.”
“And what ‘type of guy’ is?” I asked rhetorically. Since when did Jin decide he wanted to become a relationship guru?
Before Jin could reply, my door burst open. “Y/n! I’m sorr-”
Namjoon. Of all people, of all times, of all places.
He stopped dead in his tracks, still breathless. He looked like he’d been running. His eyes narrowed and jaw clenched at the sight of Jin hand on my face.
We probably looked like we were about to kiss from where he was stood.
Oh no.
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Ugh!!!!!! This is too much. It's all a misunderstanding! I wish Jin would just tell her that he wants to be the man in her life and be done with it!! My heart!! 💔😭
@mrsjeon 😂 🎶It's. About. To go. Down!🎶
Bruh what the fuck, I say she should change her name, phone number and move to a new town or city.
Ohhh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!!! Can you say, worst timing in the frickin world!!! lol. Doesn't Jin know how to lock the door behind him?! *smh*
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