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Love it or hate, Jumanji is coming back, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed filming will begin this fall with director Jake Kasdan.
There's also chatter that Kevin Hart will join the cast, but it has yet to be confirmed.
I think anyone who was a fan of the Jumanji film has thought a round two was long over due. The first one was very successful in theaters.
While we would've loved to see Robin Williams in the lead role or at least a cameo, the decision to remake the film has happened shortly after his passing.
The Rock seems like a nice fit for this and Kevin Hart is one of the most popular artists in Hollywood right now.

What do you think: Good or bad casting choices for Jumanji?

Should they have made a sequel or left the classic alone?

it will never be the same... none of his movies can ever be replaced
why do they have to keep remakeing movies come make something new besides no one can top robin williams acting ability if you dont believe watch what dreams may come and one hour photo
This is the best news
I'd watch it