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Drama alert! Youtube drama is ridiculous

Youtube was a way of broadcasting viral videos. Now, it's like an interactive gossip magazine trending very fast.
Some of the big Youtube stars have been making videos in which they discuss what ticks them off and how to make it better. In other words, they drop names, rumble for a bit, and fluster with hate. I first stumbled upon this after encountering Markiplier and the title of his video "Youtube is changing," and I thought, hey, someone who knows that Youtube has it's flaws and he'll actually go from the beginning to the present era with each step. After watching the video, I needed a nap.
Every Youtuber will know that if they point out the issues they see and make their own statement, not only are they in the majority of getting more views and spreading their problems around, but they're risking their followers to be involved and exposing their greater fears, forcing them to "go dark" for a while or even quitting.
Worst, there's a channel that shares all the latest drama stories from Youtubers entitled, to put it bluntly, Drama Alert. It is currently the number one newest channel with 1.4 million subscribers and an average of about five hundred thousand views. This is disturbing because if there is a juicy story to cover, it'll be covered by Keemstar, the creator of the channel, and there's money coming in for this guy who reports embarrassing details, making a strange vibe all around the community.
I only have one question to ask about all of this: Don't these people have something better to do during the day? I'm not a fan of real life drama. In fact, I've been avoiding it as much as possible, and I admire those who keep to themselves and actually find the right people to talk about their problems and not spread it around randomly like wildfire among the crowd. It's been a playground shouting match and calling attention to whom they're pointing their fingers to one another, and there's hardly any reasoning why they cannot ignore what other Youtubers and people in general think of them.
What do you guys think of this?