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Beyonce has basically revolutionized the music industry with her innovative take on album releases. "Lemonade" is the most recent addition to her masterpiece of a career, and with more and more artists taking her lead it seems fitting to check in with albums that we loved (and still love) that could easily make the transition to "Visual Album".
Plus, it'd be cool to think about.

1. American Idiot by Green Day

It ended up turning into a Broadway musical, which is another type of visual masterpiece but wouldn't you have loved to see the characters from the Jesus of Suburbia music video navigate a move-like narrative?
I still think they should follow through with that idea of Billie Joe playing Saint Jimmy in the film version...but only if I can play Whatsername.

2. From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

Of course, many music videos came out from this record, but they weren't attached in any way like they were with 2013's Save Rock and Roll (which is now being hailed by critics as a Visual album) despite its episodic structure.
We'd love to see what antler boy and his girlfriend would have gotten into during the rest of the album.

3. Almost Here by The Academy Is...

This perfect album could be accompanied by the story of a band struggling to make it. Good thing for them, they eventually did with the help of Pete Wentz and Fueled by Ramen records.

4. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

The few videos we did get from MCR were visually breathtaking. The imagery was like something out of a macabre comic book. Of course, we could have had a video for every track on the record. Are we asking for too much?

5. Blink 182 by Blink 182

Of course it didn't have the childish gleam of their other records, but it did have some mega hits. With creative videos like "Down" and "Always" this record was chalk full of opportunities for visual elements other than naked dudes running down city streets. Of course, we wouldn't trade that for the world, but speaking bluntly, this band has more to offer.
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let's be reasonable bands such as these have practically been doing this frone the beginning I do think what she did is all that brand new it's jus a new label