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Listen, I don't know a thing about gizmos or gadgets or gibbles. So when I saw this on my feed my brain nearly broke. I don't understand how it works or what Bluetooth is but apparently now, you can wirelessly connect your modern-day controller to an NES with the use of this funky gibbledy-glob made by Analogue.
If that name seems familiar, they also made that gold plated NES that I wrote about a way back. So, I guess they're just following their own trend of making stuff people don't actually need or want to use.
Okay, okay, I know, I'm being a little harsh. But why would you ever want to play an old NES game on a PS4 controller (I'm looking at you hands above this text). There are only two buttons on the NES and while, yeah, I get it the classic NES controller isn't as ergonomic as the modern day sticks-and-buttons-thing but in my opinion it's still a solid controller.
The classic NES controller is like that guy from your hometown who never changes. He'll always work that job by the quarry and he always shows up at that one bar at 6PM on the dot. And he'll tell you the same story about hard work, determination, and how you should be realistic with your life instead of idealistic. If that all sounds like a bummer, you should know that NES-man will never lie to you. He's tried and true, no matter how brutal the truth is. And that's why I like him, that's why we're best friends.
And that's also why a PS4 controller has no business being plugged into an old NES.