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Well as u can tell my favorite ship is sasuke x sakura 😘 they are just adorable and cute it's ridiculous but the while general reason why I like them is because of there past there past together was sad and Heart breaking to me because sasuke was going through a lot and he didn't want anyone to help him in that he wanted is brother dead and that's what he did but when u did he had found out much more and he wanted to protect konoha because at first he wanted to destroy it but after his brothers death he wanted to keep it safe. And Sakura she had changed as well but her feelings for sasuke never did she still loved him even though he didn't love her and I think that's very sweet and romantic and they had a daughter together she will go beyond her parents she will be amazing and so will there of her friends! πŸ˜œπŸ˜€πŸ˜ @sophiamor @stephosoria @JessicaChaney @aimebolanos @princessunicorn @lushisushi @anarevilla34 @kpopINT @shannonl5 @MandyNoona @alywoan @koifries @crymorph @Hinatahyuga @InVinsybll @CreeTheOtaku