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The majestic, tender, and loving Five Nights at Freddy's series looks like it's getting another title in the series. Scott Cawthon recently updated his website to only show the image above. But what could this mean?
Obviously it means that there's another terrible children's restaurant/arcade where animatronic animals hug the children until they're dead. But will it be controlled in the same way that the last one's were? And an even bigger question is, will I even play this game?
I probably won't. No matter how beautiful and tender these games are, I still can't handle spoopy jump-scares and animatronic things coming to life and hugging me until I'm dead or eating me or whatever it is that they do to kill people. I am interested in whatever this ends up being. I'll still watch the occasional Let's Play of the game along with the YouTube videos that theorize what the lore of the game is, but other than that, I'll give this one a hard pass.
Any of you guys excited for this game?
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I saw this and I'm excited for this